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All I want for Christmas......

Toys, Toys, toys!!! Kids want toys.

I get tired of them asking for more toys. The mess of toys in their room and stepping on them.

Don't just collect stuff, find out what you really want/ need and what you can live with out. Very hard to teach this to kids and adults (guilty).

Its hard figuring out what Santa may bring them this year, all the commercials and ads around influencing their little minds. Maybe less than when I was a kid but, kids are clever and find ways to learn about the next big toy they want.

To help I made this simple and to the point list and I

want to share it. On the back or the second page is a GIVE

list. Helping our kids and adults, to give not just receive. a simple home made card for the neighbors or baked cookies making others feel special this year. click the link below for this easy way to get your kids list down to a manageable size and get giving. I hope it helps your family as it has helped mine.

dear santa with back
Download PDF • 627KB

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