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Canceled summer plans? Now what?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

#Summer at home and less travel can be hard on everyone.

I look forward to summer #vacations. To explore and see other parts of the USA. I very much enjoy traveling to the National Parks. (hated it as a kid but now I see the beauty)

I love summer vacations.

But this year we had to cancel our flights to the Oregon coast. Such a bummer. But we are filling out time with family and friends here at home. We even bought a little #pool for the driveway. The kids can swim and cool off any time they want. We are planning camping trips, and hiking to rivers and streams, paddle boarding/ kid kayaking on the lakes nearby and making popsicles (for creativity).

Some other ideas include:

1. Find new foods at your LOCAL #FarmersMarket.

Have the kids pick out some colorful veggies and fruits they want to try. This is a great way to get kids (and big kids) to try new flavors. Helping the next generation about healthy eating can be challenging, but if they get to pick out what they are trying or even help cook they are more likely to have a good attitude about new flavors. Even if you are not so sure how to cook this new item you can find a recipe online to fit your taste buds with what you pick up from the Farmers Market. Happy hunting.

2. Plan out some Me time (NOT Selfish- this recharges you so you can be a better person)

Read a good book, set a timer for 30 min and start reading. Get up a bit earlier and enjoy your coffee or tea on the porch. Go on a bike ride solo or with friends. Take turns with spouse for some me time. Visit your favorite coffee shop or get a pedicure. And allow them some time to recharge their battery too.

3. Keep a Journal / daily entry book #journal

Writing down how you are feeling day to day and what you are grateful for, you will find your day filled with positivism and be more relax on the hard stuff. For a quick article on this

4. Go on a hike to a new location.

I live in Durango, Co -there are so many quick day hikes we have here with in 30 min I don’t think I could ever visit them all. Our next one on the list is Ironton near Silverton, Co

5. #BBQ

Invite some friends over for great conversation and some good food. Play some games like corn hole. Everyone will have a good time.

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